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Has your job search “engine” run out of gas?

Think the Internet is the most effective way to look for employment? Yes, the internet is flooded with job search engines and staffing agency websites but these are actually NOT the most successful tools in an applicant’s trunk. Networking is an extremely integral part of the job search process.

Most professional fields have groups, societies, online communities and more. Not only do these groups often post jobs in their field, but joining and becoming active in such organizations also increases your marketability to potential employers.

Community and non-profit organizations are also an excellent networking resource. Many companies have representatives serving on local boards. Choose a cause truly personal to you and get involved. While serving your community, you will meet new people. Each new contact brings the possibility of an open door.

Participation in a community organization also provides the opportunity for additional experience. Maybe you have a skill or ability to provide a much needed service to group in need. Contact them and volunteer your services. Be sure to add these experiences and references to your resume!

Your job search IS your job so make sure your job search “engine” is fueled and ready for the journey.

“The only place you find ‘success’ before ‘work’ is in the dictionary.” – May V. Smith

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